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Lincoln University


I started my career in soil science at Lincoln College, as it was then named, as a Laboratory Technician way back in 1974. At that time I was working for the late Terry Ludecke with Prof Walker as head of Department. My technical training was from Christchurch Polytechnic were I completed an NZCS in chemistry. Some of the Postgraduate students I worked with in those early days were Bill Risk, Phil Hart and Stuart Ledgard.


Once I completed the NZCS I was fortunate to be able to further my studies and completed a number of Lincoln degree papers, cumulating to a PG Dip Agric Sc in 1990. During this period I was appointed Tutor in Soil Science. A role I continue to this day. As tutor I am responsible all of the diploma and undergraduate soil science laboratories. I also lecture to the diploma students.


I consider myself as a generalist as I teach into a wide range of soil science topics. Currently my main research focus has been on the use of green manure crops, working with postgraduate students and Leo Condron.