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Environment Waikato


My first major soils experience was gained when I went across the ditch to join a team mapping state forest soils in Tasmania, Australia. Highlights of this work were the chance to co-author a book (“Forest Soils of Tasmania”) and the project receiving the National Australian Landcare Research Award in 1997.


I returned to New Zealand to complete my PhD in Soil Science at Lincoln University. Since its completion in November 1999, I have worked for Environment Waikato as a soil scientist and in a variety of management roles (in the Social Science and Economy, Land and Soil and Land Management programmes). I have always maintained a high level of input into the organization’s land and soil projects. In particular, I drove the development of regional soil quality and erosion monitoring within Environment Waikato and its promotion nationally with other councils. Currently, I convene the Land Monitoring Forum, a council-led group which works with research organizations to improve and rationalize land and soil monitoring for regional authorities. Through my role on the NZSSS Council I look forward to building stronger links between soils researchers and developers of land management policy.


In my non-professional life, I carry out important roles as Chief Entertainment Officer for my two young children and Weed and Pest Controller for my challenging Hamilton gully section.