Land Use Capability Survey Handbook – 3rd Edition


Land Use Capability (LUC) is a complete system for identifying and describing individual units of land, as well as for assessing the capability of those units against a national classification reference. This is a robust and established system that has been used in NZ agriculture and resource management since 1952.

You can download a low resolution copy of this book from here – or purchase a hard copy of the book for $45.00 incl GST – from Isabelle Vanderkolk

Soils in the New Zealand Landscape – the Living Mantle, 2nd Edition

The Living MantleSoils in the New Zealand Landscape – the Living Mantle, 2nd Edition, by Les Molloy, is an outstanding book on New Zealand soils and the agriculture and landscapes they underlie. This book is superbly illustrated with colour photographs, and it is a classic work on New Zealand soils. An essential companion for all who are interested in the use, conservation and science of our soil resource. Hard copies can be found online.

For those interested we have included links to individual chapters below: