About Us

The New Zealand Society of Soil Science is a professional society to encourage the advancement of soil science.

It was formed in 1952 and has over 400 local and international members.

Its main activities are the publication of Soil News and other books on soil science; organisation of conferences and sponsorship of students and young scientists to attend conferences; and the awarding of prizes and bursaries for theses, outstanding scientists, technicians, and students. Its members include professional soil scientists, environmental scientists, ecologists, geographers, agricultural scientists, foresters, engineers, geologists, farmers, teachers, and consultants.


Our Goals

The goals of the Society are to:

  • increase the understanding of soil as a natural and sustainable resource
  • promote the study of soils at all educational levels
  • promote sound management of the environment based on an understanding of soils and their importance in ecosystems
  • promote high professional standards in soil science
  • provide national and regional guidance on issues concerning land and soil resources
  • provide and efficient service to members


Equity and Diversity

If you attend any New Zealand Society of Soil Science events, or participate in a New Zealand Society of Soil Science project, we consider you to be part of the New Zealand Society of Soil Science community. By taking part in any New Zealand Society of Soil Science event or project, you agree to uphold and promote the Society’s policies and Code of Conduct.

Download the  New Zealand Society of Soil Science Equity and Diversity Policies and Code of Conduct at Society Events here.