Hamish Lowe – Lowe Environmental Impact, Palmerston North

I hold the qualifications of a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Honours) and a Master of Agricultural Science (Honours in Agricultural Engineering), as well as a Certificate in Advanced Sustainable Nutrient Management in New Zealand Agriculture. I have over 18 years’ experience in managing and undertaking natural resource and infrastructure investigations, with my key expertise being the land treatment of wastewater from agricultural, industrial and municipal sources.

In recent years my expertise has been called on to assist with project management and strategic direction of rural and urban land development and major resource consent processes. This has involved the bringing together and co-ordination of a range of varying technical expertise, with a focus on natural resource management.

My primary focus has been in two related and overlapping areas. Firstly the sustainable management of nutrients, wastes and environmental impacts in agricultural systems. This includes nutrients in farming systems, animal and processing and wastewaters being applied to production agricultural land and their resulting impact on soil and water quality. The second key area of expertise is the design, evaluation and management of small community wastewater and municipal waste systems.

I am actively involved in the waste land treatment industry, having specialised in waste application to land over the last 18 years, working in New Zealand, Australia and the United States. I have completed two elected terms as Technical Committee Chairman of the New Zealand Land Treatment Collective, and have recently stepped down as a committee member. In 2010 I was presented with a service award for contribution to the Collective during my tenure on technical committee. I have assisted with giving direction to research and extension of land treatment in New Zealand and this has contributed to me being appointed to a number of research based teams in an advisory capacity, including being a member of the ESR/Scion Biowaste Advisory Board.

A large portion of my projects have involved managing soils, nutrients and wastes. While not all, a large number deal with farming systems; and relate to managing water supplies, irrigation, wastes, nutrients and general farm environmental awareness.